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Public Webinar: Rules of the Game for 501(c)(3)s: Elections 4.7

January 10, 2020

Elections are important opportunities to educate and engage voters and the community at large. Although 501(c)(3) organizations cannot support or oppose candidates for public office, there are many activities they can participate in during election years.

Here’s the upcoming public webinar in English about nonprofit activities related to elections:
Tuesday, April 7, 2020 | 2:00 PM EDT
Public Webinar: Rules of the Game for 501(c)(3)s: Elections 4.7
En 2020, muchas organizaciones trabajarán en alentar la participación de los votantes y realizar promoción y defensa de causas en asuntos que son relevantes en las elecciones. Las organizaciones 501(c)(3) deben de tener cuidado que nunca apoyen o se opongan a candidatos para cargos públicos, pero no tienen que quedarse callados por causa de las elecciones.
Here’s the information for the webinar in Spanish:
Tuesday, July 28, 2020 | 2:00 PM EDT
Seminaro Virtuale: Reglas de Elecciones para 501c3

There are additional public workshops we offer throughout the year, and this page offers more information.

Additional resources:

  1. Election Checklist for 501(c)(3) Public Charities (factsheet)

  2. Commenting on Candidates and Campaigns: How 501(c)(3)s Can Respond During an Election Year (factsheet)

  3. Praising and Criticizing Incumbents: How 501(c)(3)s Can Hold Elected Officials Accountable for Official Actions (factsheet)

  4. Election Checklist for 501(c)(3) Public Charities: Ensuring Election Year Advocacy Efforts Remain Nonpartisan (blogpost)

  5. Nonpartisan Candidate Education: How 501(c)(3)s Can Talk to Candidates During an Election Year (blogpost)

  6. The Rules of the Game: A Guide to Election-Related Activities for 501(c)(3) Organizations This is an in-depth resource that contains extensive details. It’s a deep dive, so you’ll probably want to read the other fact sheets first.

From: Sara Matlin
Senior Bilingual Counsel /Abogada Bilingüe Principal
Bolder Advocacy Initiative
Alliance for Justice /La Alianza por la Justicia
Free technical assistance for nonprofit advocacy organizations at 866-NP-LOBBY (866-675-6229) or
Asistencia técnica gratuita para organizaciones sin fines de lucro dedicadas a la defensa y promoción de causas al 415-528-3540 o a

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